Our container units

Our Unitsdescribed

Although all very similar there are some subtle differences in our units.


Standard Container

Our standard container is 20ft x 8ft (6.1m x 2.44m) accommodating over 1,200 cubic ft (38 cubic m) secured using a supplied padlock offering the best protection.

Single Handled Container

Our single-handled containers are easier to open making them more convenient for frequent use. They are secured in the exact same way as our standard containers.

10ft (3m) Container

We have a limited amount of 10ft containers suitable for people with modest storage needs. These are as secure and accessible as our standard containers.

High Cube Container

Our High-Cube containers are 20ft x 9ft 6inches (6.1m x 2.89m) accommodating over 1,500 cubic ft (42 cubic m). Ideal for anyone with tall items or larger amount of storage.


Many different types of people use our containers. Here is some of the more common uses.


Tradesmen often travel with too many tools and parts often risking overloading and adding to fuel costs. A secure place to keep these items is an ideal solution.

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Business Storage

Many businesses require additional short and long term storage of goods or archival materials. Take the strain out of peak trading times or overgrown premises.

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Personal Storage

Moving or making home improvements, traveling or simply need to free up space at home we have solutions with no commitment after our initial 4 week rental.

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